World Sports Camp – 2021 – CANCELLED

Hello World Sports Camp Families,

With the new year now upon us, we have had lots of time to reflect on summers past and focus on what has brought SO MUCH HAPPINESS to our lives. For all of us here at WSC, it is all of the time spent at camp building memories and friendships that have and will last a lifetime.

As we look forward to the summer of 2021 and beyond, we want to be certain that the experience that we provide for our athletes is one that will not only meet our athletes expectations, but exceed them.  Therefore, it saddens our hearts to inform our loyal camp families that we will not open for the summer of 2021.

After 20 years at the Williston Northampton School and with 1 year remaining on our current contract, the school has chosen not to honor the contract we have in place.  Although WSC has met and fulfilled all of our contractual obligations, it has been explicitly explained to us that we will not be permitted to operate at the school for the summer of 2021.

We have exhausted our efforts to find another facility that can handle our program, but with the short notice and with many locations forwarding their 2020 summer contracts to the summer of 2021, we have been unable to secure a location for this summer. That being said, we have already spoken to a number of schools in New England, with the anticipation of relocating World Sports Camp for the summer of 2022!

We wanted to inform you now, in an effort to give you time to find another camp program if you so choose to.

Finally, any and all families that have forwarded their tuition from the summer of 2020 to the summer of 2021, we will be refunding, your payments in full.

Please keep in touch and stay safe.  Our friendships developed from WSC are what has kept us going and will continue to keep us going in the future!

WSC Love,
The World Sports Camp – TEAM