March Newsletter 2017

Only 100 Days Until WSC 2017!

You wouldn’t know it based on the blizzard we are facing up here in New England, but spring is just one week away. That means camp is just a few months away and spaces are filling up fast! Make sure to sign up soon to ensure your favorite weeks are still available.

WSC 2017 will continue many of our traditions of sports, friends, and fun, as well as changes that will make 2017 better than ever! We will be upping the anti during our weekend activities with a color war that will include competitions, goofy games, field day activities, and a weekly water fight.

Meet the Sport Directors

Our four Sport Directors are set and already making plans for the summer. This includes 3 returning coaches and an all new director of soccer. We are so excited to have this group of sports directors who all have great experience and excitement for the summer, which is going to make this the best summer ever at World Sports Camp.

Jason is returning this year as our new Director of Basketball, as well as being our Assistant Director. Jason spent last year as the assistant head coach in Basketball and now that he has graduated college has been promoted to the Director of Basketball position. He not only works at the camp office all year round, he also coaches a girl’s high school basketball team that just won the Division I state championship tournament in Rhode Island.

Jason has been hard at work planning for basketball this summer and will use his talent and leadership skills to help our coaches get everything they can out of every athlete.

Our friend from Zimbabwe, Providence, is returning for his 3rd summer at World Sports Camp and his first as our Director of Tennis. Providence plays and instructs tennis year round, but with our summer being the off-season in Zimbabwe we are lucky to be able to get him to return to camp every summer.

We are so excited to have Providence running the tennis program this year. His skills are unmatched, his instruction is top notch, and his energy is second to none. It wouldn’t feel like summer without Providence at WSC.

Rafael will be joining us for the first time this summer as the Director of Soccer.

Rafa started playing at a young age with the Real Madrid Foundation, and in later years he played for different teams around Madrid, eventually signing a contract with a 3rd division team. He played professionally against the C teams for Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, among others. He started coaching a few years ago for the youth teams on the clubs he played for as well as at the European University of Madrid.

Our new partnership with the Real Madrid Foundation and Rafa’s history training with them make him a perfect fit as our new director of soccer. His Spanish style of play and training, along with his fresh upbeat attitude, will make our Soccer program second to none.

Tyler is returning for his 15th year at WSC (yes, 15 years!). He is a World Sports Camp lifer who has been teaching golf for the last 13 summers and also works as the Program Director at camp. He played for his college team in the past and followed his passion to become a teacher allowing him to have the summers free where he can mold his 2 passions of teaching and golf together by teaching our athletes to become the best golfers they can be.

In addition, we welcome the return of our golf professionals Mike and Frank (who we worked with in 2015) who will be working with our PGA (Productive Golf Academy) program.

“All You Got” Concert Tour

Do you remember the amazing concerts we’ve had in the past? Well, they are about to get even better! We are having an all new concert tour coming to World Sports Camp this summer, the “All You Got” tour. This is a high energy, pop concert tour with acts from all over the region. Who knows, maybe we will all get to be the first ones to see the next big star!

New Contract with Harvard University

For several years World Sports Camp has been hired by Harvard University to run the 5, 10, 15 and 20 year reunion child-care services for their reunion weekend. They have loved our work so much that we now add 25, 30 and 35th year reunions.  It is 5 days and we will have 800+ children attending with 200+ staff members.  We cant wait to show them all of the exciting and new ideas that we have to offer!!

Hi From Meeghan…

“Hey everyone! I hope your all having as great of a time as I’ve been having since camp this past summer. I’ve been having a great time at school, especially with my last soccer season.

I worked hard to get back on the field this past fall, and I recovered from my injury enough to get regular playing time. My team brought home the conference championship and qualified for the NCAA tournament this year. We got knocked out by the defending national champions after holding the game scoreless for 67 minutes, but winning the conference championship was the best way to end my collegiate soccer career.

Now I’m in the midst of my lacrosse season. I look to help lead my team to similar success that I had during the fall as the goalie and a captain of my team. Beyond the field, I’ve been working very hard in school finishing up my accounting degree and starting masters courses. I’m looking forward to graduation this May and seeing you all again at camp this summer!”