Best Tennis Camp Massachusetts

Coaching Philosophy

WSC has utilized a positive coaching philosophy for over 35 years. Under the guidance of Owner / Director, Terry G.P. Shand, our coaches are trained to never yell or embarrass an athlete for their abilities and skills. Rather, WSC coaches approach each and every athlete with positive acknowledgements, constructive feedback and then another positive remark. Our athletes hail from over 96 countries with different skills and abilities, and we recognize that it’s our job to approach each athlete with the respect and proper treatment he/she deserves.

International Impact

Tennis is a sport that’s played all over the world; our athletes will have the opportunity to learn the game of tennis not only from our coaches, but from their new friends as well. From whatever country or state our athletes come from, they bring with them different mental approaches and skill sets to the game. WSC opens this bridge for our athletes and coaches to benefit from the opportunity of learning from each other. Aside from learning, competing, and having fun, our athletes and coaches leave WSC with a new perspective on how the game is played.

Daily Schedule

WSC is unique, due to the fact that our tennis athletes can choose how much or how little they want to practice each day. Out of the four periods we offer, some of our more serious athletes choose to play tennis for all four periods, while others chose to spread out their time at camp between tennis and the other sports. Whatever the case may be, the option is left solely up to the athlete.