The WSC Tennis program is extremely strong. Players of all levels are challenged to improve to the best of their abilities. The coaching staff encourages all athletes, beginners through advanced, to go beyond their comfort zone.  Making a mistake is not frowned upon at WSC, it is simply an opportunity to grow and improve.  The highly qualified coaching staff will determine the skill level of an athlete and make it their personal duty to give each athlete the tools necessary to improve at their game.

In addition to the traditional drills that are practiced at WSC, the tennis program challenges each athlete to see the fun in the game of tennis. On any given day the campers will not only play in a competitive setting, learn from the amazing coaches, but will also have fun by doing non-traditional tennis activities.

At World Sports Camp our sports instruction is taught by ability level in addition to age and grade. If an athlete is 11 years old, and has the ability level of a 14 year old, that athlete will play with the 14 year olds who have equal ability.  In addition, if an athlete is 14 years old and has the ability level of an 11 year old, we will NEVER embarrass an athlete, therefore, we will put that athlete with other 14 year olds who are of the same level.