Soccer Camp Massachusetts


The WSC soccer program is truly unique, due to the variety of coaches and athletes from around the world. Soccer is a global game and at WSC, we make sure that there is an international presence represented at camp. Many countries approach the game differently than in U.S. and our athletes will learn from a variety of coaching philosophies and styles. Many of our soccer coaches have either played at a high level internationally or currently coach advanced youth teams. WSC coaches have a passion for teaching the game and want to use their experiences to help the younger generation of soccer players.


At WSC, we use advanced coaching techniques to help our soccer players improve their skills. WSC soccer coaches are trained on how to help youth athletes develop, as much as possible in the short amount of time they are with us, using modern coaching strategies and by keeping up with the changes in youth sports. We hire more coaches than most camps, in order to keep the coach to athlete ratio low and make sure our athletes are getting as much attention as possible. The coaches make specific plans for each athlete to improve and provide an evaluation to each athlete before they leave camp to help the athlete develop after camp ends.


The number one priority at WSC is safety. All of our coaches must complete concussion certification to ensure that all of our athletes will be protected during camp. We have a full time nurse and athletic trainer on campus that are ready at a moment’s notice to help if an athlete gets injured. In the event of an emergency WSC have procedures in place to make sure that our athletes will receive the proper care and attention. Rest assured, we do everything possible to prevent injuries at camp!