High Level Soccer Camp Massachusetts

Camp Experience

WSC is truly a unique place because so many of our athletes and coaches are from around the world. To date, WSC has had athletes hail from 96 countries. Our athletes learn in our international community and will truly have an experience unlike any other camp. Many of our athletes end up making lifelong friends with athletes from other countries. A few of our former athletes have even traveled to other countries to visit these friends and train with their local club teams.


WSC hosts both domestic and international coaches, which advances the level of coaching that our athletes receive while at camp. Our staff has had coaches hail from Brazil, Mexico, Spain, England, France, USA, to name a few. Soccer is coached and played differently in each country and the benefit to our athletes is that they will receive instruction from our coaches, learning the varying styles and techniques that only WSC can offer.

Coaching Strategies

While at camp, the WSC coaching staff goes out of their way to ensure that our WSC athletes get the proper instruction needed to advance their playing careers. Our coaches separate the athletes by skill, to make sure that everyone is in a group where they feel comfortable. If a younger or smaller athlete has the skill set of a more advanced athlete, then our coaches will move the athlete to a group that will be more challenging for them.