Campamento De Inglés Y Fútbol De Verano En EEUU


WSC is located at the Williston Northampton School in Easthampton, Massachusetts. This beautiful school is located in a small New England town at the foothills of the Berkshires. The athletic facilities were recently renovated with 2 all weather turf soccer fields, 7 grass soccer fields and an indoor soccer facility.

Coaching Techniques

The soccer staff at WSC goes out of their way to help our athletes improve their game. The coaches use many different techniques to help maximize each practice session. (Agility cones, exercise ladders, speed hurdles, goal rebounders, shooting & finishing trainer nets, to name a few.) WSC has all of the top equipment for coaches to use, in order to prepare athletes and create the most efficient training sessions possible. The WSC campus also has a state of the art weight room, which is used on occasion by our oldest athletes.


Athletes who attend WSC have the ability to play and be coached, up to eight and a half hours per day. WSC athletes spends a significant amount of time at our sports; however we break it down into periods, where each period is intended to focus on one aspect of the game. Two periods each day are designated for skill development, two periods each day are designated for scrimmaging and a period each day is allocated for intense game play, in an actual game setting. Athletes can play multiple sports each day or they can really focus on improving at one sport. WSC makes sure that each day the athletes will get a tremendous amount of practice on the fundamentals and at the same time, practice in a game setting.