The number one sport played around the world is soccer. Since, approximately 40% of our athletes are from outside of the United States, soccer is an extremely popular sport at World Sports Camp. From beginners to experts, our coaching staff helps each player achieve their goals.

Four periods per day with a professional Soccer Director, assisted by players from clubs and teams all over the world, provide an unparalleled environment for athletes to develop their love for the game.  A new level of respect and appreciation is achieved after practicing, playing and competing with fellow WSC athletes from around the world.  The passion that exists at WSC is unrivaled in the camping world.

On the soccer field or around campus, the interaction between athletes from around the world is amazing. Athletes that attend WSC all have a common bond, the love for sports. They all want to learn and get better. On the soccer field, like all of the sports at WSC, campers not only learn from the coaches about sports and life, they learn from each other.

At World Sports Camp our sports instruction is taught by ability level in addition to age and grade. If an athlete is 11 years old, and has the ability level of a 14 year old, that athlete will play with the 14 year olds who have equal ability. The only time that this will not happen is when an athlete will be put in harm’s way because of the physical difference in size of the other athletes. In addition, if an athlete is 14 years old and has the ability level of an 11 year old, we will NEVER embarrass an athlete, therefore, we will put that athlete with other 14 year olds who are of the same level.