Golf Camp Massachusetts

All-America Golfer Terry G.P. Shand (Owner/Director)

Owner and Director, Terry G.P. Shand, was an All-America golfer while playing for West Virginia University. Terry was ranked second in the country, while also playing for the Mountaineers’ varsity football and basketball teams. His coaching experience includes high school varsity basketball (girls and boys), AAU men’s basketball, youth soccer clubs, and of course, several golf programs. Terry has over 40 years in the camping industry and has helped design the WSC program to what it is today. At camp, he is best known for his positive coaching mentality that ensures athletes to get better while also enjoying the training process.

World Sports Camp PGA (Productive Golf Academy) Program

WSC offers three different programs to help our most experienced golfers as well as those new to the sport. (WSC-PGA, Casual Participants, Occasional Participants) The highest level of participation is our WSC – PGA program, which allows athletes to gain instruction on the course one day per week with Owner/Director, Terry G.P. Shand. Two days per week, athletes learn from certified PGA professionals at Crestview Country Club, the remaining 2 days they play at a local golf course and benefit from unlimited trips to the driving range. This program is for athletes whose primary sport is golf.

Coaching Philosophy at World Sports Camp

For over 35 years WSC has operated under a positive coaching method. Rather than yelling, screaming or embarrassing an athlete for their playing ability, our coaches will make a positive remark; give constructive feedback, and then supply even more positive reinforcement. We understand that our athletes come from all over the world with different playing abilities. At WSC, we work diligently to make sure all athletes are treated with equal attention and value.