Best Golf Camp Massachusetts

Personal Coaching and Golf Instruction

At WSC, we create personalized golf instruction through our small group sizes. With a smaller group, our golf coaches our able to create a personal connection with each athlete. This is what makes WSC a truly unique place to spend your summer.

Playing Golf for the First Time at World Sports Camp

WSC is the perfect location for athletes who have never played golf before. The WSC coaches are trained to instruct all levels of golf, from beginners to the most experienced athlete. We never embarrass an athlete who is trying a sport for the first time; in fact, we will encourage that athlete through positive reinforcement coaching, while at the same time, making it fun! WSC is unique, as many of our athletes come to camp with a specific goal in mind, wanting to make the golf team or lowering their score, but quickly realize that they will also have the opportunity to try multiple sports while at camp. Thus, we have varying abilities at all of the sports that we offer.

World Sports Camp “Occasional Participants” Program

One of the three programs that WSC offers in golf is our “Occasional Participants” program. (WSC-PGA, Casual Participants, Occasional Participants) This program is for our athletes who wish to play golf every once in a while, they will have the chance to travel to the driving range up to five times per week. Athletes on this program don’t see golf as their primary sport and will have the opportunity to participate more in basketball, soccer and tennis. Similar to our “Casual Participants” program, this schedule allows athletes to develop their skills in a number of different sports and have more chances to interact with all of the different coaches at WSC.