Campamento De Inglés Y Baloncesto De Verano En EEUU


WSC has tremendous facilities and the gym is no exception. Basketball is played at the Williston Northampton School gymnasium, which is kept in pristine condition. (The floor is swept daily, washed every few days and waxed each week.) The gym features two full size basketball courts and ten stationary hoops. WSC also has three portable basketball hoops where the height can be adjusted to accommodate our younger athletes. Another perk of the gym is its central location as it is only a few seconds walk to the weight room and the training room.

Competition Level

WSC hosts many talented athletes and coaches from all over the world. Our athletes gain different perspectives from the many backgrounds of our coaches. WSC host many athletes who play at the elite club level both domestically and around the world. Daily work outs are extremely intense, with high level competition. The combination of the strong competition and high level of coaching, allows each athlete to develop quickly in the short amount of time they are with us.

Camp Experience

WSC has hosted athletes from 96 countries around the world, which makes our camp community a truly special place each summer. Participants learn about other cultures and gain an appreciation for the other athletes. Many of our athletes form lifelong friendships and often end up traveling to meet their friends they made at WSC. English is the required language to speak at camp, but the language of sport is truly universal.