Basketball Clinic Massachusetts


The WSC basketball program ensures that each athlete gets real game experience along with skill development. Our coaching staff will divide athletes into teams and play full-court games in an effort to evaluate the new skills that have been learned and to determine what to work on for each athlete. Teams are divided up equally to make games fair and competitive. Each team will be assigned one coach who will prepare proper offensive and defensive game plans. Camp ends each week with a championship tournament, where all teams fight to be on the top of the standings. Games are intense and fun for all involved.


WSC uses the most modern technology to help our athletes improve. The camp administration buys new basketballs each summer, to make sure that everyone will have a ball, if a specific drill requires it. WSC also utilizes tools for athletes such as; exercise ladders, jump ropes, agility bands, HYPERLINK “”polymeric boxes, foam rollers, etc. The WSC coaches will also take advantage of the beautiful weight room and pool, to help the conditioning of our athletes.


The WSC schedule is an elective based schedule where athletes can choose what they would like to do for each period of the day. The basketball periods feature two longer periods that are used for skill development, two short periods designed for scrimmaging, and then coaches will divide up athletes equally to play league games at night. Many of our athletes choose to focus on one sport to improve their skills as much as possible for the few weeks they are at camp. Athletes will be able to play their sport for up to eight and a half hours each day. Some of our more serious athletes even wake up early to have a morning session (before breakfast) with our coaches to focus on exactly what skills that they want to improve.