Basketball Camp Massachusetts

Basketball Coaches

WSC features talented coaches who have been where your child wants to go. Many have played at the NCAA level or have experience coaching at the high school varsity or collegiate level. The WSC coaches are trained to indentify an athlete’s skill level and then provide a proper blueprint as to how they can reach their athletic goals. Our coaches have experience working with all age groups and skill levels; therefore, they are able to identify exactly what each athlete’s needs are, in order to grow both as a person and player.

Coaching Strategies

WSC has adopted new coaching strategies to keep up with the evolution of youth sports. We provide positive feedback on our athlete’s performances and use advanced techniques to help them improve. Our drills are performed in small groups, in order for the athletes to get as much individual attention as possible. All drills performed by our coaches are intended to improve the athlete’s fundamentals, but in a way that is fun for the athlete. Skill development will allow each athlete to advance ahead of their competition and making it enjoyable will keep athlete’s motivation and morale high. Fun and fundamentals is what WSC is all about.


One of the best aspects to the WSC basketball program is that we coach athletes by their ability and not their age/grade. Athletes, who are more physically advanced or are more developed as a player, will play with athletes equal to their ability, if not better. We separate athletes into groups based on their specific needs. More advanced athletes will have a chance to play with each other and less advanced athletes or beginners will learn the game together. With that being said, we will never embarrass an athlete and move them up or down in a group that would not be fair to their abilities.