Sports & Activities

Sports at WSC!

Photo by Matthew CavanaughOur extensive sports program begins the very moment athletes attend their first sports period. Our Sports Directors will assess each athlete to see what their abilities are prior to WSC. Assessments are done through a variety of drills and game play activities. The assessments are used solely as a starting point to show each athlete how far they have come in their sports journey with us at camp.

At WSC, approximately 2/3 of every sports period is skills and drills and 1/3 is game play. Our coaches design the skills and drills based on the needs of each athlete and make sure that the athlete is having fun while participating. It is extremely important to our staff that we teach skill sets and drills to athletes in a way that will allow them to enjoy themselves. Small accomplishments eventually become large steps forward in their athletic career. We believe that when athletes learn in an environment that they feel safe and comfortable in, their ability to grasp new concepts is increased. For this reason, ALL of our coaches at WSC are not just coaches, they are GREAT people.

Activities at WSC!

wsc-friendsWorld Sports Camp offers a variety of activities for all athletes, in addition to our sports programming. Our activities are designed to promote the World Sports Camp experience.

  • Evening activities (Casino night, Minute to Win it Contest, League, Pie Face Competition, etc…)
  • Other Sports Opportunities at WSC  – Castle Ball, Capture the Flag, Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football, Tennis Baseball, Wall Ball, Corn Hole, Carnival, Color War, etc…
  • Trips – Sports Executive Tour, NYC Sightseeing, Boston Sightseeing, White Water Rafting, Six Flags Amusement Park – New England, Basketball Hall of Fame, Shopping Mall (Popular with our international population.)