Day Camp

Photo by Matthew CavanaughThe WSC Day Camp allows athletes ages 8 – 16 from Western Massachusetts, to experience the amazing coaching and learning philosophies that the Shand family has taught to thousands of children for over 30 years. At WSC a safe and positive learning style with experienced coaches allows all athletes to improve at their desired rate. Coaches at WSC promote self-esteem, fair play and teamwork, in order to obtain common goals both on and off the playing field.  Coaches return year after year, creating a family feeling that allows all athletes to relax and enjoy their time at WSC.

basketball-friendsAthletes have the benefit of learning not only from the coaches, but from children who hail from over 96 different countries around the world. By exposing your athlete to the many different cultures and languages that are present at WSC, you will be amazed at the level of appreciation and respect that your athlete will obtain in the short amount of time that he/she attends.

At World Sports Camp our sports instruction is taught by ability level in addition to age and grade. If an athlete is 8 years old, and has the ability level of a 11 year old, that athlete will play with the 11 year olds who have equal ability. The only time that this will not happen is when an athlete will be put in harm’s way because of the physical difference in size of the other athletes. In addition, if an athlete is 11 years old and has the ability level of a 8 year old, we will NEVER embarrass an athlete, therefore, we will put that athlete with other 10 year olds who are also of same level.

Quick Facts for Day Camp

  • Included in the tuition:
    • Lunch
    • WSC Gold Medal
    • 2 WSC t-shirts
  • Pick up and Drop off is at the school’s Athletic Center.
  • Clothing Requirement: 2 WSC t-shirts.  These t-shirts will be handed out on the first day of camp and are included in the tuition.  Each camper will receive 2 WSC t-shirts no matter how many weeks they choose to attend.

What to wear to World Sports Camp

Please wear shorts and a WSC t-shirt to camp.

What to bring to World Sports Camp

  • Backpack
  • Water Bottle
  • Bathing Suit / Towel
  • Cleats and shin guards (if participating in soccer, not required)
  • Tennis Racquet (if participating in tennis, not required)

*If you would like your child to have a snack before or after lunch, please provide your own snacks. Due to the fact that some children have severe nut allergies; we do not allow snacks with ANY NUT products.  Thanks for your cooperation.