Coach In Training (CIT)

World Sports Camp’s CIT program offers our 16 year old athletes, an in-depth look at what it takes to become a high level coach, while at the same time allowing our athletes the opportunity to participate in all other activities offered at camp.

Our program is designed for athletes to learn all aspects of coaching. From analyzing each player, to creating a program that will fit the needs of the varying ages and abilities of the athletes at camp. The WSC CIT’s learn from the Directors of each sport (Basketball, Soccer, Tennis and Golf) in order to develop their leadership skills while working with the younger athletes in our camp program.

How it works:

  • WSC CIT’s shadow a sports coach, in the sport of their choice, for at least 1 period a day
  • Get evaluated by the Sport Director’s weekly, in order to learn about their performance
  • Work with the WSC CIT Head, to improve performance week after week
  • Assist dorm coaches in the dormitories, to learn what it takes to work with athletes from different countries and cultures
  • Work with the sport Director’s and CIT Head, to develop a lesson plan and ultimately run a sports period

In addition, the WSC CIT’s participate in team building and goal setting activities. (One of which is an all day trip off campus!!) These activities are designed not only to be fun, but a way to interact with their peers and create new lasting friendships.

The CIT program is a tremendous experience for young athletes to develop leadership abilities and communication skills that go beyond the playing field/court. Teaching is one of the best forms of learning; successful time spent as a CIT will translate into an expanded awareness of the game and empathy in operating with others on and off the field /court.

The goal of the WSC CIT program is to provide our 16 year old athletes a unique program where they gain valuable leadership skills, communication skills and coaching skills. This opportunity also builds self-confidence, public speaking and the ability to work with others.

The WSC CIT program prepares our 16 year old athletes for future work experience, motivates them to be effective role models, thus resulting in a fun and extremely productive summer!

The program is designed as a 5-week program; however, the minimum requirement to participate in the program is 4 weeks.

WSC CIT’s are the future coaches at World Sports Camp and who better to learn from than the World Sports Camp coaching staff!!